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Cobbler Aprons

The Cobbler Apron brings old world appeal to the new!

Since the good ol’ days, people have been working hard for a living. Sometimes, that work ends up being a dirtier job than initially anticipated. While running through tight backrooms or working with your hands, you may not always notice just how much you end up covered in what you’re doing — and while that may be the nature of your business or passion, staying clean and professional shouldn’t be your most difficult task. Maybe it’s time you got yourself a little more coverage from your apron. Check out our Cobbler Apron.

What defines the Cobbler Apron’s design is the coverage it provides in the front as well as the back by tying down on the sides, and proves perfect for any profession or workplace that can literally have your back against a wall. Thankfully, you’ll be hard pressed to find any stains on your back or front side!

Item: 400WP
Item: 400NP